orange filling machine

orange filling machine

 orange filling machine filling machine
2.filling accuracy:<1.5%
3.CE approved
4.filling orange, paste, jelly,juice etc.
5.factory price

orange filling machine

Machine Features:

1.Stable and reliable functions, security and alarming functions

2.Filling volume precisely and seals cups perfectly

3.Stepless speed control, can adjust filling time.

4.Alumite as moving moulds, extraodinary durable and sanitary

5.All the components are made by famous company in the world.

6.CE approved.

7.Glass cover to protect products from dust.

8.Widely applications: filling hot juice, yogurt, paste, juice in cups.


“Xiangyi machinery” filling machine has wide applications:-

1. Filling materials:Liquid e.g. hot juice, water, juice, Yogurt, etc

——————————— Semi-liquid e.g.-paste,jelly,ice cream,pudding, powder,jam,porridge,etc.

2. Container: Cups,-PE/PP/PET bottles, glass bottles, paper bottles, jars, plastic boxes, bowls,etc.

Normally functions:

1.For rolling film type:

1)-cup falling– 2) filling— 3) date printing

4)-seal twice– 5) cutting–6) ordinary outputting

2.For pre-cut lid type:

1)-cup falling– 2) filling————- – 3) put pre-cut lid

4)-seal twice– 5)-date printing- -6) ordinary outputting

(Functions can be added or decreased according to your requirements)

Working processing:

1. Rolling film type

cup falling→filling→date printing→seal→cutting→output

2. Pre-cut lid type:

cup falling→filling→put pre-cut lid→seal→output

(Functions will be added or decreased according to your requirements)

Technical Parameters:

Model Filling heads Output Voltage Power Air pressure Air Consumption Dimension Weight
XBG60-Y 4 3600-4000




3Kw/h 0.65-0.85MPa 0.1m³/s 3000*700*1500mm 750Kg


1. Cylinder: Airtac

2. PLC:Omron/Mitsubishi/Simens (optional)

3. Touchscreen: Omron/Mitsubishi/Simens (optional)

4. Relay: Omron

5. Tempt. Controller: Yatai

Optional Device:

1. Cup rinsing device: can wash cups automatically before filling

2. Mechanical output cup: can delivery cups with- mechanical hands.

3. Output cup with cylinder

4. Conveyor belt: Can deliever the cup to the appinted place automatically

5. Labeling machine

6. Ink-jet Printer: print the dates clearly

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